Food Safety In Motion

Mission Statement

It is the mission of Turk Enterprises Ltd. to be the best refrigerated carrier in Canada. It is our goal to provide exceptional customer service by being the most dependable carrier of perishable freight in the country, while at the same time upholding pinnacle levels of safety, sustainability, efficiency and prosperity.

Why Choose Turk?

  • Turk Enterprises specializes in Food transportation. 
  • We are dedicated to food safety and realized the value in investing in HACCP / ISO22000 Certification.
  • We offer a 3600 square foot HACCP certified cooler with 4 dock doors which enables us to store and cross dock loads of food products when necessary.
  • Only a small number of carriers in North America are HACCP certified.
  • Our home base is equipped with its own wash bays, which follows regimented wash procedures and documentation to ensure that all trailers are sanitized to HACCP standards. This also pertains to contracted wash facilities.
  • We offer over 150 years combined experience in food transportation within management and dispatch.
  • We pride ourselves on hiring Food Transportation Specialists, not just truck drivers.