Our Equipment

When transporting perishable commodities, having the right equipment is critical to ensuring that the shipment is protected. That’s why Turk Enterprises maintains a modern fleet of state-of-the-art trailers, all equipped with the latest in temperature-control technology. We ensure the operational integrity and reliability of our fleet by subjecting every truck, trailer and refrigeration unit to a rigorous maintenance schedule. It's the only way to make sure your perishable commodity is always protected and that your shipment arrives when you need it to.


Height: 107"
Width: 98"
Length: 52'
Max Payload: 48,000 lbs. CDN / 44,000 lbs. US


Height: 110"
Width: 98"
Length: 52'
Max Payload: 58,000 lbs. CDN
  • Company owned Tractors are 2015 and newer models Volvo's
  • Owner Operators are required to have no older than 2009 model year tractors.
  • We have the most modern reefer trailers all equipped with EPA approved engines.
  • State of the art Multi-Temperature reefer trailers are available to handle your freight requirements.
  • We employ Certified SmartWay™ tractors and trailers exclusively on our fleet.
  • Low rolling resistance tires and aluminum wheels, super-single wide base rims and tires.
  • Our fleet is equipped with satellite communications and tracking devices.
  • We use disc brakes which have an advantage that allows for the stopping power and stopping distances to be double the capacity of conventional drum brake systems.